February 9, 2013

The Susquehanna Mountaineer Jug Band.... ...(Lancaster 1930s)

...Begs the questions: "Where in tarnation is Susquehanna Mountain...or any mountain in Lancaster County? and "What the heck is the guy next to the jug player holding, and what sort of sound does it make?" and "What's with the overturned basket of paper?"

JUNIOR HIGH GRADUATION The Junior High School of the Campus Training School will hold its annual commencement Thursday, May 19. The commencement speakers will be Doris Day, George Bordner, Jacob Esser, Virginia Rager, Kathleen Wirtz. The annual banquet and reunion of the Berks County Alumni Association of Keystone State Teachers College, will be held this Saturday evening, April 9, at 6.30 o'clock. Stanley Hauser, of Kutztown, is president of the organization. One of the big entertaining features of the evening will be the appearance of the Susquehanna Mountaineer Jug Band, of Lancaster, which has been making a big hit on the radio recently. The speaker of the evening will be A H. Buck, class of 1887, and secretary of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hauser assures all those who attend that they will have a pleasant evening, both from an entertaining and social side.... The Kutztown Patriot, April 7, 1932

Thanks to Wally Smith for posting the photo on the Bands of Central Pennsylvania Facebook group.


  1. This my great grand father's band. He is standing with the banjo first from the left. Here is the only recording we have of their music. https://youtu.be/bdguUyQjIgI

  2. Thanks for sending this link! It's the earliest recording of a Lancaster band I'm aware of. Where did you find it? If I can get a better quality copy I'd like to add it to the post. If WGAL was recording music in the 1930s it would be really interesting to find those tapes! If you'd like to share the names of your great grandfather and uncle I'd be happy to add them too.

    1. contact me at spielbee@earthlink.net and I will get you in touch. Charles, on the band leaders, is my grandfather.