April 14, 2011

La Música Callejera Pt. 3 - Guanajuato

Street Music of Mexico and Central America
July-October 1995

Read the series introduction here.

Dedicated to street musicians making a living peso a peso.

This colonial town is brimming with music on every corner plying the tourists and locals alike.
...8) The bus onloads a guitar trio just long enough to play a bolero or two before the next stop.  9) An elderly blind singer asks, "Un ayudita jovenes...?" 10) An organillero with a hand cranked calliope. 11) A músico playing guitar and harmonica walking the long line of tourists at the mummy museum. He has a little bucket hooked on the tuning keys. [bizarre story here: A 1833 cholera epidemic killed hundreds of people who were hastily buried in the cemetery; a few were even still alive.  A law required the families to pay a tax to keep their relatives in the ground.  If they couldn't pay, the corpses were disinterred and stored in a warehouse.  It was found that many were naturally mummified by minerals in the soil.  When the mummies began attracting tourists, cemetery workers began charging for admission, and eventually El Museo De Las Momias was built.] 12) An old lady belts out Flor morena. 13) La malagueña by a guitar trio accompanied by the cathedral bells working the outdoor cafés and resaurants....

La Música Callejera - Guanajuato

Próxima estación: México DF

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  1. I am very glad you have put these up!! I remember this tape well, it was amazing.