April 23, 2011

The Original Sins ...................Skeletons in the Garage

Anytime The Original Sins came down the turnpike from post-steel town Bethlehem, I went alone because I knew I wouldn't be good company.  I'd just be one of those fools having a freak-out up in front of the stage.  Not a good date really.

They rode the lines between 60s garage punk, 1970 Detroit rock and roll, and the Paisley Underground but for their complete rejection of 80s production values. Picture JT screaming at the sound guy at the Khyber Pass pub in Philly: "GET THE FUCKING REVERB OFF THE VOCALS!" My God, just listen to the switchbacks on Get Right Back between the la-de-da bubblegum hooks and Iggy Stooge shrieking-in-tongues wah-wah mayhem.

These tracks are from the Skeletons in the Garage CD: live rehearsal takes and b-sides from between 1986 and 96.

There are moments when we're playing live when everything is just so on, so right, that it doesn't matter if I'm out of tune, or I blow a chord or forget the words--the music is driving and we're just in the backseat enjoying the ride....  -- JT

Can't Get Over You
The Other Day
Get Right Back

The band has long since broken up, but you can still witness Brother JT going off the deep-end with his solo albums, collaborations, and current shows. Spend a little time with his kooky Rockology 101 videos and have a little freak-out at home.

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