June 5, 2011

La Música Callejera Pt. 5 - Puebla

Street Music of Mexico and Central America
July-October 1995

Read the series introduction here.

Dedicated to street musicians making a living peso a peso.


...On the busy commercial streets, wherever money flows in the capital of Puebla there are musicians on every block trying to scrape by. 15) A family strolling, papá with trumpet, mamá with tambourine, and niños collecting tips.  16) A melody on guitar and mandolin by an elderly blind couple.  17) Down the street a saxophonist and drummer play a staccato danzón.  18) Still farther on sits a blind man playing maraca with his sighted wife playing guitar.  19) And yet another blind woman stands in the doorway of a stone building singing from her heart as people walk by her. Not realizing I had stopped to listen, she laughs as I thank her....
La Música Callejera - Puebla

Próximas estaciones: Cholula, Cuernavaca, y Acatlán, Puebla

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