November 6, 2011

The Warm Jets ................... ..................(Philadelphia 1978)

I was only nine years old and oblivious in 1978 when The Warm Jets recorded I Love It about squooshing cockroaches and were playing in the legendary Hot Club in Philly.  But about an hour west of there, I was committing suburban bugocide with my friends collecting hundreds of Japanese beetles in a bucket and gleefully dumping them into the central air-conditioning fan on the side of the house, sending iridescent beetle-bits 15 feet into the air raining down all over us.  There was hours of hilarity and fun in this carnage.  So on one level at least, I was right there with them, but I was still a few years from dancing the pogo. Go Go With Me
Originally a punk rock duo in much the fashion of Philadelphia’s very own Flys, The Warm Jets consisted of two young musicians eager to play and be heard. (E.Gadz on electric guitar; Hugo Crust on acoustic guitar and vocals). In the summer of ’78, with the help of Lee and Roid, along with their now sounds program as WXPN radio station, the duo sent in a tape of a song called "I Love It". Although a crude recording, (allegedly manufactured in Mr. Crust’s bedroom), the song received much support and at one point reached 6 on "The Now Sounds Top Ten", proving that there was indeed an audience for this type of minimalistic music. -Russ Goetz, drummer, from The Warm Jets MySpace page
Here Come The Warm Jets
Russ plays in Kamakaze with ex-members of another Philly punk band, Pure Hell.
Their complete live and studio recordings are available from Italy's Rave Up Records.

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  1. Here's a version of "I Love It" that Russ and I redid about 10 or so years ago. Russ is on Lead Vocals and Drums.