February 18, 2012

The Skeptics........Worry Beads (1985)

The Skeptics were/are out of Frederick, Maryland along with a small herd of bands that found a place on York, PA's Bona Fide Records' Deadly Spawn compilation. Worry Beads was a great little tape that made it around the tristate area (we really called it that before Dr. Doofenschmirtz).

Idle Time
The Holstein Saga
Expanding and Contracting

Their later Snallygaster LP was released in Europe, but never saw the light of day in the USA.
In their own words:
The Skeptics write, record, and perform songs about dairy cows, serial killers, quantum mechanics, flooded limestone cavities, specters of U.S. presidents, decapitated surfers, and girls, girls, girls.
Andy McCutcheon and Dennis Crolley are still making music and Stephen Blickenstaff is making some fine monster art.

The Skeptics: In a World of Their Own documentary by Keith Chester
Bona Fide Records Blog review of the documentary and history of The Skeptics' Snallygaster LP.
This has been another fine selection from Rustle Noonetwisting's magic box (of tapes).

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  1. ...purchased for $3 or $4 from Web of Sound in Lancaster on New Year's Day 1986.