April 14, 2012

I Am The Dootz and I've Got Acne....

Straight outta Maryland came The Dootz onto The Train To Disaster compilation.... He wrote a song rhyming bus and pus..... But that's all I know. Read Robert Hull's Pop Krazy post and learn:
...This radical sound, born in the early '80s, was downright psychotic to the point of being transcendental. It was the creation of one David Frey Johns, who had spent most of his life singing to records in his room and wailing in friends' showers, hoping one day to be heard in a social context.  
As a child David Johns was called "Duke" by his father, a nickname that eventually evolved into "Dootz." "My dad and I used to sing together when we went to church," the Dootz once told me, "but we had our own version of 'Onward Christian Soldiers.' Everybody else was singing it the right way....
...In the '80s, the Dootz began making tapes at the Sonny Huckle Studio in Falls Church, Virginia.... Those underground recordings (not available online, but only on broken cassettes)* still bear witness to the Dootz's commitment to the tradition of getting gone. Included are uncontrolled, battered versions of Bill Parsons' "The All American Boy," Bobby "Boris" Pickett's "Monster Mash," the Troggs' "Wild Thing," Doctor Ross's "The Boogie Disease," and the Standells' "Dirty Water." Further, as if defying the ever-impending Apocalypse, the Dootz performs the craziest cover of "Train Kept A-Rollin'" ever conceived by any mortal. 
Two songs were eventually culled from these landmark sessions and released as a single on the Sky label.... "A.C.N.E. (I've Got Acne)" and "I'm the Dootz," both original tunes recorded in one take and composed on the spot. On both songs, the Dootz shouts and howls from the pit of his soul, revealing a naked hysteria and an unrehearsed moment of being.... The Dootz told me back then that he hoped "A.C.N.E." would become a million-seller--but he would gladly settle for a regional hit....  - Robert Hull, Pop Krazy
*Hey pizzaface! Tapewrecks will continue to seek the salvage of any of those cassettes from the analog deep!

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