August 14, 2012

La Música Callejera Pt. 11 .............. En el viaje del norte

Street Music of Mexico and Central America
July-October 1995

Read the series introduction here.

Dedicated to street musicians making a living peso a peso.

La Música Callejera - En el viaje del norte

...35) The trip home was a round the clock bus marathon from Nicaragua all the way around the Gulf coast of Mexico and the US South to Florida. I could usually stretch out across the seats to sleep late at night, but northbound traffic was constantly stopped and searched by the policía, presumably at the behest of the US government for illegal drugs or migrant workers from Central America hoping to find work in the North. They just checked my passport and let me drift back off without much idea of where I was in space and time. I barely laid my feet on solid ground for several days and only one musician came on board with a song in honor of La Virgen de Guadalupe leading me to think I was probably somewhere in southern Mexico.

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