October 14, 2013

Todd Shuster's Report Cards ....... .............. (Philadelphia 1988-97)

After his marvelous pop punk to paisley journey with The Jags and The Impossible Years (1978-88), Todd Shuster disappeared into the grownup world of school teacher where, I can testify, nearly all free time gets sucked into the job and your commitment to the kids. What makes it fun and sustainable, and not just exhausting, is that teaching itself is an artistic outlet. But it's also necessary to keep some of your creative pursuits alive outside the classroom (hence tapewrecks for me). Todd, has maintained a low-intensity output of music on a 4-track recorder, releasing cassette demos and a 20-song CD in 1997 that's a tribute to his career.

My Report Card

Was I There At All?
His Secret Vest 
Billy's Life  
Breakfast Man
The Elusive Ingredient 
Tempest in a Teacup

Most recently, Todd has recorded a track for the upcoming Television Personalities tribute on The Beautiful Music. The connection was The Impossible Years' Scenes We'd Like to See EP was the first release on Dan Treacy's Dreamworld Records. Happily, The Beautiful Music tracked down Todd for the tribute through this very blog.

Thanks to Rustle Noonetwisting for the demo tape and Todd for the CD.

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