October 26, 2014

So the Prophets Say................ ........The Centurys - Lebanon PA 1965-67

One of central PA's bands made it into the canon of 60s punk classics with their regional hit Hard Times, but the Centurys were truly unusual at the time for their pro-war stance.

So the Prophets Say
(Billy Beard)
I bet they'll tell you that they're wise
And that they'll analyze
Your situation

They can tell you what's gonna come
And how certain things will be done
They're your

Will the world end today
Like it did yesterday
Or will we have to wait
Till tomorrow

I will tell you when it comes
You will hear those (?) drums (?)
(?) your sorrow

These (?)
These prophets of peace 
And prophets of war

They may tell you to make a big sound
About gettin out of Viet Nam
You know you gotta right
To your convictions

But will they warn you of a coming day
When your placards might be thrown away
And they'll say
Now you've got a few

You may not like it if they hand you a gun
Before you turn twenty-one
And say
Now you've got to 
Be a man

But your freedoms bells stop ringing (?)
And red state song your singing
I bet you wish 
You had a gun 
In your hand

These men so good
And men so bad

These prophets so sane
And prophets so mad


Why don't you let it be known
You got a mind of your own
And you can tell right from wrong
From day to day

Cause they know you care
And so you beware
Of what the prophets say


Billy Beard had been enlisted in the Navy since 1960 and other band members got draft notices in 1967.


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