January 15, 2011

Nobody's Fools (Lancaster 1985)

While most of the teenage punkers were thrashing to hardcore in 1985, these three were paying homage to the melodic old-school. Joel, Dave, and Kirk were connoisseurs of the 1977 sound, trading records, and writing songs in the style of the Clash, the Dead Boys, and Stiff Little Fingers with lyrics growling for freedom from life's struggles. There was something amusing about 14 year-olds practicing in their parents' two-car garage songs about social strife, prostitutes, and bloodshed in the back alley. If any of us in our suburban township had ever seen a back alley, the blood that was shed was probably from our knees on a Big Wheel. These songs are from Nobody's Fools first tape, packed with 24 songs, recorded on a boombox and a RadioShack 4-channel mixer. They may have just been learning to play their instruments, but Nobody's Fools did it in style, cranking out dozens songs with hooks to pogo to.

Man with a Gun
The Kids Aren't Dead
Don't Put Me in Bondage
Stop and Go
Suzie Q
She Does Tricks

Joel went on to become Jet Silver & the Dolls of Venus, and Kirk and Dave formed Kirk & the Jerks. Dave went on to play in Mystery City and is currently in The Dying Elk Herd.


  1. I knew this one was bound for Tapewrecks sooner than later. I was amazed at the time that this band of 14 year-olds had not only completely internalized '77 punk at a tender age (the influence of Web of Sound, no doubt), but were also able to spit it back out in their own catchy songs with their own style.

  2. I've never heard of Nobody's Fools but Jet Silver & The Dolls Of Venus made a great single in 1988.