September 17, 2011

CRUDE PA. ......... Volumes 1 and 2

These two PA comps from Distortions Records come loaded with great garage rockers and wild wreckage.  Fantastic organ on the girl-knocking Pat Farrell track.  My hometown Lancaster scene-stars The Couriers and Philly's The Snaps have been covered before on this blog, and The Nomads deserve induction into the Tapewrecks Hall of Fame for a could-be teenage Johnny Thunders singing some great vitriolic loser lyrics. 
He's taken you down way past low.
And I can hear him laughing
     from up above.
And I hate him!
And who can argue with Thee New Generation?
Well girl you don't know what you do to me
Even when we're holding hands
Now we're alone for eternity
And I want to hold more than your hand!
So come come along with me
See how much fun it can be
Everybody watch me doing the stupidity!
The Starfyres also really knock me out with their simple guitar jing jing running through the whole song dropping into a lovely if your ever down by the sea, take a look for me....

Crude PA Volume 1 (1990)
Side 1
The Conductors - She Said So (Williamsport)
The Soul Generation - I Can't See You
The Changing Tymes - You Make It Hard (Philadelphia)
The Sands Of Time - Come Back Little Girl (Philadelphia)  
The Scholars - I'm Gonna Make It (Philadelphia)
The Effects - I've Been Told (Philadelphia radio ad)
The Bitter End - If You Want Somebody

Side 2
J.C. and The New Tones - Love: Human Emotion
The Nomads - Point Five (Philadelphia)
Facts Of Life - I've Seen Darker Nights (Philadelphia)
The Iron Gate - Feelin' Bad (Philadelphia)
Thee Young Generation - Ruby Tuesday (Ohio?)
The Starfyres - Captain Dueseldorph (Lansford)

Some solid wrecks on Volume 2 too. Love is Tuff is a mopey cover of Pittsburgh's The Fantastic Dee-Jays, aka The Swamp Rats.  The MW Lads ad came on a cardboard record in cereal boxes!

Crude PA Volume 2 (1996)
Side 1
The Wilde Things - Can't See The Sun
The Wilde Things - My Life Is Black
The Undertakers - Little Girl
The Bats - How Could You Have Known (Narberth)

Side 2
The Savoys - Only So Much (Camden, NJ)
The Savoys - Got To Say Goodbye
The Loose Enz - A World Outside (York)
The Rising Tydes - Artificial Peace
The Rising Tydes - Don't Want You Around
The Chosen Few - Staircases, Places And Time
Strawberry Tuesday - Return Of The Walrus (Reading) 
Mysterious Clown - Mysterious Clown

And if it's the last thing you do - get the Walrus!

Distortions Records of Bala Cynwd, PA is now affiliated with Funkadelphia Records and is still reissuing extremely rare garage and soul on classy-looking vinyl.

The Crude PA records are out of print, but I got my tracks from Paradise of Garage Comps. I hear the original liner notes are excellent.  I'd love to see a scan or if you have any other info about the bands send it my way.

For more Pennsylvania garage band wreckage, check out The Return of the Young PennsylvaniansFrog and Rabbit Records, and Barclay Records Eastern PA Rock.

The Effects scans are from Garage Punk Forums.

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