July 27, 2011

Vegetable Man ....... Syd Barrett

I'm starting a new post category: "I can't believe I never heard this before."  So just bear with me if you have.  I won't spend a lot of time on critical analysis.

I've loved Syd Barrett for a long time and somehow never heard his version of Vegetable Man until today. I guess it's never been officially released.  I first got the song on the Jesus and Mary Chain single years ago.  And I just now heard the Soft Boys' version.  So I finally dug up Syd's Vegetable Man and found some other wonderful tapewreckage from the sessions he was recording for Pink Floyd's second album.  He'd be coming pretty unhinged and getting booted from the band right around this time. 

Some lovely eaten and warped tape here for your listening pleasure:

Vegetable Man
What a Shame Mary Jane
Swan Lee

From the Vegetable Man Where Are You? bootleg.
Salvage your wreckage here.

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