May 21, 2011

The Shaynes (Lancaster 1966-67)

These handsome young men recorded at least three singles on Pee-Vee Records in 1966 and 1967.  I first heard them on the 1983 Return of the Young Pennsylvanians comp.  Pee-Vee was run by Charles Miller aka Pancho Villa and put out many doo-wop, garage, and prog rock singles from 1964-74.  Butch King (front, center?) was the singer.

You Tell Me Girl b/w Mo-Town Workout (Pee-Vee 140)
From My Window b/w I'll Always Be (Pee-Vee 142)
Valarie b/w Let's Go Steady

Sources: Bona Fide Records, WFMU's Rock and Soul Ichiban, WFMU Fool's Paradise   

If you were around Lancaster in those days and remember the bands, clubs, music stores, record labels, or any other part of the scene, please help us salvage that history!


  1. Out of curiosity, what do you think the copyright status of these works are?

  2. I haven't heard from any lawyers yet! The singles are certainly still protected by copyright, but they're out of print and quite obscure. If possible, I contact the artists. None have turned me down yet. In fact the most common response is, "Yeah sure, but please don't use my full name!" But if an artist did object, copyright or not, I'd pull the tracks.

  3. I'm Charles miller son and I think all of his kids should have the copy right to all of his stuff what do you think and there are 9 of us and none of us has any of his 45, well I did when I was younger but lost them moving around,thanks to everyone who liked my fathers music and work,BRIAN M

  4. And I am Charles Miller's daughter, just ordered a copy of the CD, can't wait to listen to it.


    Tanya Miller

  5. Hi Brian and Tanya,

    Let me know if you'd like to share anything else about your father and Pee-Vee Records. He apparently had quite an impact on the central PA music scene. I'd be happy to feature him!


  6. I think the CD Tanya is referring to is "Stomping Time Again: A Collection of Souther Pennsylvania's Greatest Songs on Pee-Vee and DB Records."
    Available here:

  7. who are the people in the photo?