February 28, 2012

Hotlegs.... .....Neanderthal Man...

This is a funny scratchy single I picked up at a thrift store last year just for the title. Turns out the song was an accidental hit record in 1970 when I was just learning to walk upright and use tools.

Story goes, they were just messing around with layering drums on a new 4-track machine and started on this ditty. They intended for the vocals to be super low, to accentuate the drums. And at the end of the recorder solo, they hit a piece of sheet metal with a hammer, which blew the cutter head while the record was being mastered.

Apparently, when you add Italians, you get this:


  1. Hotlegs went on to become 10cc, one of the preeminent art-pop bands of 1970s England (now best remembered for "I'm Not In Love"). Also from that group are the pioneering video directing team Godley & Creme, whose resume is quite formidable.

  2. The Sikidz also did a version of this which can be found on the No Reason to Complain retrospective.

  3. I loved that. The set reminds me of the SNL Lawrence Welk/Doll Hand skit. If I show my kids, Manny will laugh at the expressions of the person in the middle. Benicio will dig the guys' shirts. Clara will love the cigarette pants and their shoulder movements. Calliope will go for the beat.

    Hey, did you record the kids' voices for the circus? It so reminded me of when you would do that under the loft at CNS. I should look for those discs.

  4. Thanks for commenting! You're one of my original inspirations for starting this blog you know.

    No, I didn't do the recording this year. That was a fun project with the nursery school kids.