July 7, 2012

Masters of Hypnotism ... the One and Only ... the Beautiful...Velvet Monkeys..... Live at the Enola American Legion 1986

In April 1986 The Real Gone played our last show opening up for The Velvet Monkeys in a little town on the Susquehanna about halfway between Harrisburg and Three Mile Island. The show was sponsored by Bona Fide Records, Web Of Sound, and other local record shops, and, of course, Rustle Noonetwisting was there with his trusty tape recorder and camera. This was one of the defining shows of my musical upbringing. As Malcolm Riviera says, ...I could see the whole chain of Rock and Roll being passed on right there....

We Call It Rock....

Velvet Monkeys Theme
We Call It Rock
Heat Of the Night
7 Angels
Better Living/Communication Breakdown
Rock Party
Why Don't We Do It In the Road
Little Doll

The Rummager dons the wig.
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  1. It was definitely a performance to be remembered. Masters of Hypnotism indeed.