September 28, 2013

Kirk & the Jerks ..... ................ ..Live at the Chameleon (Lancaster 1987)

Listening back on Kirk and the Jerks playing live, they were hanging on for dear life as they cut these songs loose with no brakes. My favorite moment: The joyously botched guitar bridge near the end of To Hell With 'Em All, followed by Kirk's "Aww fuck it!!" as the song nearly flies out of control. But they somehow manage to keep the pace up and hold it together through every one of these retro-punk masterpieces.

To Hell With 'Em All
Hang On to the Dream
Sonic Reducer
All Alone 
Standing at the Back Door
Never Ending Heartache
Out of My Head
Who Cares If Tomorrow Comes
It's Been a Long Time

Go back to Kirk and the Jerks' first tape, and even further back to their first band, Nobody's Fools.

The Jerks went on to play in Jet Silver & the Dolls of Venus, Substitute, Mystery City, The Stiletto Boys, and Dave's current band, The Dying Elk Herd, having more fun in the Conestoga River:
Don't Let the Riverbeast Get You!

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