February 3, 2015

Fucked Up Bouncing Devil Bagels..... .....Tape Oddities.... (Lancaster mid-80s)

You never know what you'll find when you play out the leftover tape on the end of a cassette side. Sometimes it's the most interesting and weird stuff, like the dusty records stuffed under the bins at Stan's Record Bar: cutouts, promos, and wonderful crud that most normal people wouldn't buy. Here are a few cassette artifacts from Lancaster that haven't seen the light of day for nearly thirty years.

1. John Bear (Johnny Scrotum) of The Bodies and Last Knight solo ode to ..uh... Bagels.

2. Nobody's Fools tongue-in-cheek hessian riffs (complete with cowbell) eventually became part of the Jet Silver & the Dolls of Venus set.
Pick Up Some Chicks
Rock Today
I Love the Devil
...and their shot at hardcore:
Leave Me Alone

3. The Jet Silver & the Dolls of Venus b-side filler from guitarist Rex Litwin included some more hessian exploitation with authentic Last Knight tracks and "Dean Fox's Hair" Too Fucked Up To Drive, which later became a legit Jack Lord's Hair song.

4. Rex, Russ, and Nate's I Wish I Could Bounce from the same cassette seems to be an early foray into the strange tape-echoey world of Charms Du Crane.

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