March 19, 2011

Kirk and the Jerks ... Volume I ...... (Lancaster 1986)

Kirk lived a few blocks away and I used to listen and trade records with him and the Jerks in his basement bedroom. His mom would stomp on the floor when we got too loud.

(thud, thud, thud)

The band included Dave and Kirk from Nobody's Fools. Kirk moved from drums to vocals and Dave's little brother Eric took over on bass. They sped things up but stopped well short of hardcore keeping to the melodic songs with super hooks and backup harmonies - sort of move from '77 British to '78 Dead Boys with the Peter Brady Time to Change sound.

I'm gonna walk around tonight
When it hits the streets I'm gonna...
Walk around until daylight
When it hits the streets I'm gonna...
Fight to be the man I am
When it hits the streets I'm gonna...
Find out if I'm a man
When it hits the streets tonight!

(thud thud thud)

Who Cares If Tomorrow Comes
Too Many Times
Guts for Glory

Hang On To the Dream
Let's Make a Revolution
When It Hits the Streets
Flame Thrower Love

The Jerks were also the backing band for Ray Rhythm.  After the Jerks, Dave and Eric formed Mystery City.  Eric formed the Stiletto Boys featuring Rummager of the Velvet Monkeys on drums.  Mark joined Substitute. 

More Jerks here:
Kirk & the Jerks - Live at the Chameleon 1987


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I have the old cassette (with real life, cant wait for the breakdown...) Been a fan for song long but only had about a dozen tracks - till now!

  2. Thanks for this post... Love this band.
    I was talking to a member of the band on Myspace years ago, he said he had some old master tapes in a garage...

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  4. Collection of hard to find tracks of Kerk and the Jerks. Skate Rock Punk Legends. Kirk and the Jerks hail from Lancaster Penn. and were featured in "Shackle me not" skate film from Tony Magnussons H-Street. Bit rate 128 & 320 due to various sources.

    13 Songs - Self Titled Album name.

  5. Does anyone have a copy of the tape “vol 1” to sell?

  6. Hey guys, i`m trying to compile every song recorded by this awesome band in a single youtube video but i`m not sure if i`m missing anything. Do you guys have a list of the complete recordings? If possible with dates (but not necessary) My purpose is to make an archive and give them a bit of exposure (never too late eh) as i feel many even in the Punk scene don`t have access to their music or straight never heard of them.
    Here are the songs i got:

    Hang On To The Dream
    All Alone
    Guts For Glory
    Too Many Times
    Who Cares If Tomorrow Comes
    Revolution (Let`s make a revolution)
    Bad Boy Baby
    Been A Long Time
    Soldiers Of The Last Generation
    Back Street Angel
    Out Of My Head
    Step On Over
    Too Bad For Heaven
    Where Angels Fear To Tread
    Lightning Strikes
    When It Hits The Streets
    Flame Thrower Love
    Gun And Tear
    To Be A Hero
    One Way To Do It
    You Better Move Me
    Can't Wait For The Breakdown
    Engine No. 9
    Real Life
    Everything That Shines
    Until The Bleeding Stops
    Voodoo Doll
    To Hell With 'Em All

    Thanks in advance. Any hep will be much appreciated.

    1. Great project!
      Send me an email. I can send you picks of their first 3 tapes if it helps.

    2. Hey Tom i already posted man but thanks anyway

      Any feedback is welcome. Cheers

  7. Ratus from SwitzerlandMarch 20, 2018 at 1:59 PM

    My favorite band, listening to kirk & the jerks since good old skate times. Im 40 y old now. Would love to talk or meet one of the band members one day, to thank and say how important their music was and still is to me. Are their some others fans out there like me? Keep on rockin Amigos

    1. Hey Ratus - 41 years old here, and I've been listening to them since Shackle Me Not was released. They have no idea how much they've affected my early life. I've listened to them ever since! Huge fan