December 11, 2012

"Oh Come All Ye Mindless..." ......... .......Free Speech Carols (Berkeley 1964)

Garage sale-ing in the Bay Area could be ideological. You always had a good chance of finding some leftist literature or protest music from aging radicals. And they might say "Ah, I remember that...." as a way of saying goodbye and thanking you for taking it off to a good home... or they might just be glad to unload their crap. In any case, this little 7-inch record is a remarkable and funny collection of carols by members of the Free Speech Movement. Merry fucking Christmas.

figureOski Dolls
We Three Deans 
UC Administration 
Hail to IBM 
It Belongs to the University 
Silent Night 
Call Out the Deans 
Masters of Sproul Hall 
God Rest Ye, Free Speech 
O Come All Ye Mindless 
Joy To UC 
In the spirit of farce, and of Christmas, these songs were written and sung. We of the FSM are serious, but we hope we are still able to laugh at ourselves, as well as those who would restrict our Constitutional freedoms.
Mario Savio sings Hail to IBM at a speech to the California Federation of Teachers.

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  1. Wonderful Free Speech Carols! Stevie Lipney passed away July 11, 2014. She is the young woman, second to the right at the mic. She designed the cover of the Joy to UC album and was one of the singers.