March 8, 2015

High School USA 1959............... School Reform 2015

I heard High School USA last week in the car on RDV, the great doo-wop station Radio Delaware Valley. It could use a little updating. Tommy Facenda made around 30 versions of his one-hit for different cities and AM radio markets. This take covered Philly area public and parochial schools.

These days school closings, privatization, and union busting by corporate funded proponents of "school reform" are attempting to destroy public education in the USA, starting with distressed communities of color in cities like Philadelphia.

Sing along!

Olney - Divided & charterized, Teachers fighting to re-unionize 
Southern - Budget and staff cut/ absorbed students from closed schools
Kensington - Divided into 4 smaller schools, staff and budgets cut
Northeast - Staff and budgets cut - College admissions decline
Penn - Closed in 2013
Edison - Staff and Budgets cut - Students walk out
Bishop Neuman - Merged with St. Maria in 2004
St Thomas Moore - Closed in 1975
Franklin - Staff and Budgets cut - Students march on City Hall
Bok - Closed in 2013
Roman Catholic
St. Huberts

Bartram - Staff and budget cut - Plagued by violence
Lincoln -Staff and budget cut
Cardinal Dougherty - Closed in 2010
West Philadelphia - Staff and Budgets cut - Students walk out
Germantown - Closed in 2013 - Building sits vacant
Frankford - Staff and budget cut
Gratz - Charterized
Dobbins - Staff and budget cut

Overbrook - Biology classes eliminated
St Bonaventure
York - Under threat of charterization
St Maria - Merged with Neuman in 2004
Thomas More - Closed in 1975
Father Judge
Central - All NTAs laid off. Counselors reduced from 8 to 3

Photographs by Jill Saul, Pilar Berguido, Kate Devlin, and Tieshka Smith
©jillsaullphotography all rights reserved
More can be found on the Philadelphia School Closing Collective.

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