May 7, 2011

La Música Callejera Pt. 4 - Mexico D.F.

Street Music of Mexico and Central America
July-October 1995

Read the series introduction here.

Dedicated to street musicians making a living peso a peso.


After Zacatecas and Guanajuato, the streets of Mexico City were a swirling vortex of noise and activity.  But curiously, I encountered relatively little music. True, the city is a locus of Rock en Español, and I never made it to Plaza Garibaldi, the Grand Ole Opry of traditional mariachi, but there was a lack of everyday buskers eeking it out on the street.  I'm not sure if there were legal restrictions or practical issues that discouraged musicians.  Or maybe I just didn't make it to the right places.  ...14) I was fortunate to happen upon this rattletrap marimba, drum, and gourd conjunto hauling their instruments on their backs from bar to bar and competing with the sounds of passing traffic.

La Música Callejera - México D.F.

Próxima estación: Puebla

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